• Turbo Italia – THC-002 Hybrid Hob with Induction & Ceramic Zones

    • -SCHOTT CERAN® Glass- High Durability, Easy Maintenance
    • -9 Power levels for each zone – Booster at level 9
    • -4 Digital Power Display – with Power Rating
    • -Slider option to adjust the temperature
    • -Child lock/Timer up to 99 min/Pause Function
    • -Cook your meal to perfection with inner ring (level 1-3) & double ring (level 4-9)
    • -Left Zone Induction: 2.1kw(φ220mm)
    • -Right Ceramic: 1.7kw(φ220mm)
    • -Total connect load: 2800W
    • -Max Amp: 13A
    • -Dimension(mm): 750(W) X 450(D) X 65(H)
    • -Cut-out(mm): 650(W) X 340(D).


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  • Turbo Italia – THD902 30cm domino hybrid hob with induction & ceramic zone

    ◉ SCHOTT CERAN® Black frameless ceramic glass –

    High Durability, High-temperature resistance, smooth texture, easy to clean

    ◉ 6 Power levels for each zone

    ◉ 2 Digital Power Display – with Power Level

    ◉ Touch Control – Adjust the power with ease

    ◉ Child lock/Timer up to 99 min

    ◉ Front induction zone: 2.1kW ⌀180mm

    ◉ Rear ceramic zone: 0.7/1.7kW ⌀200mm

    ◉ Auto-adjust power distribution max 2800w

    ◉ Auto safety switch off

    ◉ Max Amp: 13A

    ◉ Dimension(mm): 288(W) X 520(D) X 82(H)

    ◉ Cut-out(mm): 265(W) X 485(D)


    Download Manual



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