Cooked rice – 200g
Minced prawn – 150g
Mushroom cut to small (boil or steam) – 100g
Dancing Chef Tom Yam Paste – 1 packet
Kaffir Lime Leave – 5g
Coriander – 5g
Ground Roasted Rice – 15g
Eggs – 2
Breadcrumb – 1 cup
Cooking oil – 3 cup

1. Mix ingredients no. 1-7 together.
2. Scoop one tablespoon size of the mixture and roll into a rice ball.
3. Dip rice balls in egg mixture then breadcrumb on the surface.
4. Deep-fry the rice ball until golden brown.
5. Drain the excess oil and serve.

白饭 – 200克
虾肉碎 – 150克
香菇(煮或蒸)- 100克(切细)
佳味东炎酱 – 一包
酸柑叶 – 5克(剁细)
香菜 – 5克
烤碎米 – 15克
鸡蛋 – 2个
面包碎 – 1杯
食油 – 3杯

1. 把1-7的材料混合均匀。
2. 取用大约1汤匙的材料,搓揉成圆球状。
3. 把饭球浸入鸡蛋里,再沾上面包碎。
4. 油炸至金黄色。
5. 从热油中取出沥干,上桌享用。

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